What we do

A winning image and good communication alone are not enough. They must be accompanied by appropriate technical solutions.

How we work


Starting from the needs of each individual customer, we follow each project from a technical and structural creativity point of view realizing original solutions. From a more artistic point of view, we take care of corporate image identity and graphic composition. More than 40 years of experience in the field of visual communication have allowed us to develop in-depth skills in the field, enabling us to design, develop and follow projects from zero and tailor-made.

Our mission is to offer the best technical solutions for image and communication

A winning image and good communication alone are not enough. If they are not accompanied by appropriate technical solutions, they remain just ideas. Being able to convey them effectively, identifying the most suitable media and offering the greatest possible visibility, makes them into ideas that work. The architects of this transformation are us. What makes it possible is our ability to transform ourselves, changing according to the specificity of the intervention to be performed or the solution to be offered. We know how to reconcile our technological soul, made up of innovative design tools, high-performance materials and advanced production techniques, with our human qualities, which are expressed in our ability to satisfy the needs of those who rely on us through commitment and passion for our work. And if we can achieve even the seemingly impossible, it is not thanks to superpowers, but to something that is worth more than any prodigy: over 40 years of experience.

Our strengths are completeness, versatility, flexibility and readiness

We design and realize technical solutions for image dissemination and communication initiatives for companies, organizations, business and commercial entities from all sectors. In addition to our versatility, expressed in our ability to deal with an extraordinarily wide range of interventions, we are characterized by our flexibility, a prerogative that allows us to offer a service tailored to the needs of both large and small clients. Whether it’s customizing an airliner or a motorbike, making a large-scale advertising installation or banner, or placing a sign on top of a building or in a shop window, our approach does not change: we study the solution best suited to the specificity of the request and implement it promptly.

Technical design

At Remor, we follow projects at 360°, step by step, taking care of all the most important aspects to develop an original and customized design product. A first fundamental aspect of developing successful projects is consultancy, through which we try to meet the needs of our customers, listening to their requests and then finding the best solution through a careful feasibility study. If necessary, we carry out an in-site inspection to better understand the environment and bring our expertise into play to create the right customized solution. Also important is the research and choice of the most suitable materials which, together with 2D and 3D design, lead us to prototyping, a useful step for us and the customer to assess the product’s functionality and subsequent industrialization. Finally, our technical department is also able to support any type of project from a bureaucratic point of view, taking care of any paperwork and authorizations.

⸻ Development
⸻ Creativity

Graphic Design

Creativity is a skill that spans all fields, from choosing the best shapes and silhouettes, to devising new graphics for a specific project, or the study of a complete corporate identity. In fact, technical creativity goes hand in hand with graphic design, and the presence of an in-house graphics department is essential to us even at these stages. 3D renderings and mock-ups are the means of communication with our customers that allow us to put together our ideas and their expectations, concretizing projects and giving a clear and direct idea of what the finished product will look like in reality.

A qualified and advantageous consultancy service

From experience comes the ability to provide a qualified consultancy service during the design phase. Making the right choices at this stage is crucial because it allows the best result to be achieved while optimizing production costs.

A constantly shared and verified manufacturing process

Once the design is defined, we proceed to production using the materials best suited to the required solution. The outcome of each stage of the production process is shared with the customer, so that fidelity to the design is constantly and accurately verified.

Assembly and installation in any space

Everything we design and build, then we assemble and install it. Our experienced and qualified staff is accustomed to working in the most diverse spaces and in any environment, and to carrying out all kinds of work on large and small structures.

So multiple that we are unique

We transform ourselves, expressing the best of each form of specialization according to the services and products offered. We change according to different needs in order to turn ideas into ideas that work. In our many areas of intervention, talent and technology meet.


Creativity becomes concrete with production: everything we design takes shape and life within our production workshops thanks to the skills of our expert craftsmen and professionals.
Every single detail is given importance, with the aim of enhancing each brand and their products to the fullest.

Our craftsmanship and technology allow us to process a wide range of materials in an agile and versatile manner, with no limits to customization. These are processed in the various departments such as digital printing and cutting, the workshop dedicated to the construction of metal carpentry and lighting systems, decorationwrapping, and assembly.

On request, we take care of all logistical management of manufactured goods: storage, shipping or dedicated deliveries.

⸻ Realization

Large format digital printing

Digital milling cutting and engraving

Lamination of adhesive films

Manual assemblies


Metal carpentry – workshop

Lighting system for sign

Transport and installation