Customized technical solutions for shops and offices: from the small shop to large spaces.

Among the most requested services there are shops and offices setup, their restyling or commercial corner realization.

Our experience enables us to set up sales spaces of all types and dimensions, creating the most suitable furnishing and display accessories according to the specific needs, both in terms of size and materials used.

We can offer customers a wide range of solutions for their shops and offices. The design work also reserves great attention to the choice and arrangement of lighting elements, which are then decisive in terms of both function and aesthetics.

Shop and offices fitting

We set up stores of all types and dimensions from big outlet stores to small shops, shop in shop and corner stores.
We realize decors and elements for exhibitions using always the more suitable materials as PET, Forex and Dibond. We also use the most advanced techniques of printing, cutting and milling. The result is an extraordinary wide range of solutions for our customers. We pay high attention in the planning and design phases to obtain the best results; for instance, we try to find out the most appropriate solutions in lighting both from functional and aesthetic point of views. Our strengths:

  • Flexible design for dimensions adaptability
  • Accurate material choice
  • Advanced production techniques

Commercial corner

The “Corner Shop” identifies an expositive element between a normal display and a small shop. The goal of a commercial corner is creating a concentrate of exhibit and communication at a charming glance. A commercial corner can be also an itinerant element or a small exhibition. Remor, joining its graphical and planning office with its technologies, can design and realize customized corners using the most suitable materials: light, sustainable, reusable and recyclable matters.

A commercial corner has the aim to best promote a brand within spaces usually frequented by many people, such as malls, supermarkets or outdoor shopping areas.

Our design department studies the best solution to emphasize the characteristics of each brand, it defines all the details in order to immediately communicate its values.

In Remor we have also gained experience in creating more special commercial corners, such as pop-up stores or temporary shops. Starting from the analysis of the available spaces, we are able to design ad hoc solutions. The duration of a pop-up is very short, and in this small window of time it must convey to visitor’s exclusivity and the feeling of having participated in something unique.

Offices and shops restyling

We follow the assigned projects in scrupulous ways re-qualifying and restoring locations as bar, restaurants, hotels, stores and offices.
We are specialized in the usage and application of adhesive laminates, which are excellent for their resistance and duration, as the ones of 3M Di-Noc. Di-Noc Adhesive films, made by 3M, have introduced a real revolution in the re-qualification and restyling world and they can be considered adhesive laminates. The stratification of these films is the core characteristic that allows resistance and long duration. There are more than 700 finishings that can be combined with a professional architectural planning and with some elements of furniture, offering several possibilities to restyle spaces as Bars, Offices, Hotels with numerous advantages.

Thanks to the non-invasive technique of “clean-construction site,” we can work without generating dust, noises and smells. During their interventions, our decorators work without compromising the normal environment of work.