We are able to set-up every events for type of space thanks to a professional service that follows each step of the process: from the planning phase in which we work closely with architects and designers, to the construction of all necessary elements, and to the management of all other steps offering a 360° service.

Our approach to event setup includes supervision of every organizational detail, offering a complete service to ensure the maximum success of your project.
Why choose our event staging service:

  • Collaboration with professionals: we work closely with architects and planners to ensure accurate, state-of-the-art design.
  • Made-to-measure construction: our expertise revolves around the construction of made-to-measure elements, ensuring a set-up that is perfectly suited to the needs of each space and event.
  • All-round organizational management: we take care of all organizational phases, from planning to execution, to ensure a complete and smooth service.
  • Customized service: every project is unique, and our team is committed to offering customized solutions that reflect your vision and exceed your expectations.

Custom exhibition stand

We plan and realize the set up for trade show stands using architectural techniques and materials keeping always in mind volumes, weights, and recyclability. We pay particular attention to the reuse and/or transformation/re-qualification of produced elements after the first use. Mostly, it is valid for expositional elements allowing further usages with convenient economic advantages. We offer a 360-degree service in which we also manage the relationships with the exhibition’s authority for authorizations and certifications’ release.

For a good and attractive stand there are some essential items you don’t have to forget:

  • Walls with impactful shapes and graphics, thanks to the use of digital printing for customised stickers and wall films
  • A lighted sign with the company logo, which can later be reused for the company entrance or meeting room
  • Displays of any kind: counter and floor displays, maxi display with interchangeable communications, with led lighting systems…
  • Informational materials, like brochures and gadgets


We set up temporary and permanent exhibitions and promotional spaces of all kinds. The primary goal of an exhibition is to convey a particular emotion or feeling. This is why we design and create exhibition setups which transform into an immersive and engaging experience. Regardless of where the exhibition is set up, whether it is an ad hoc space, a hangar, a store, a theater, or much more, there are certain aspects that make it possible to achieve the goal of an immersive exhibition.

  • Advanced design experience, thanks to long-standing experience in the industry and an in-house graphic and technical department, we are able to offer advanced expertise in exhibition design, ensuring creative and innovative solutions
  • Totally personalization, as each exhibition is unique and stand-alone, our team is dedicated to offering customized exhibition design solutions that reflect the vision and character of the specific exhibition
  • Partnerships with public entities, we frequently collaborate with public institutions, bringing our company’s experience in setting up exhibitions to enrich cultural and artistic events

Corporate promotional events

We offer a professional service starting from the planning phase working closely with architects and designers, to the construction of all elements that are necessary to join customers in a unique experience.
Whether it is your company anniversary, the achievement of a significant milestone, or simply an important event that your company has decided to celebrate, we can offer you a complete support, ensuring the detailed realization of your corporate promotional event.

  • We study the theme: we work with the client to define the guidelines for expressing the essence of the event.
  • We produce customized decorative elements: we define the elements of the set-up, such as digitally printed panels or banners to create an engaging visual narrative, displays for special objects, photopoints or, for example, a 3D illuminated logo as a candle on the cake at a company birthday.
  • We optimize spaces, we study the available space to maximise visual impact, to see how far we can ‘spread out’. Full-height banners and drapes, when possible, are a high-impact element to attract the attention of guests.