We want a partner to follow us in the production and installation of communication material in Northern Italy

CustomerHera GroupServiceDecorations | Offices set-upYear2023

Outfitting of branches in Northern Italy and promotional material for communication

In collaboration with the communication agency that follows the Hera Group – EstEnergy, we supported the client with the production of communication material: window decals for the windows of branches, office set-ups with logos and photographic blow-ups, flyers, leaflets, posters and commercial corners. All promotional materials useful for the popularization of ongoing campaigns and brand diffusion.


Promotional window stickers for each branch

Given the particular nuance of the company’s logo and the images to be represented, for the production of these decals we produced digitally printed stickers to faithfully depict the graphics. For the reproduction of texts, on the other hand, we produced simple pre-spaced stickers.

Display frames

We have completed the window display with the installation of display frames where posters of current promotions or office hours can be placed and easily changed

Authorization practices

We also helped with the bureaucratic process of renewing or applying for permits to display advertising media


Installation of decals in 13 provinces of Italy

To conclude an all-round service, after printing and producing the decals, we also took care of their application and installation.
Thanks to our team of professional decorators, we took care of the various applications for all 22 counters, thus covering the entire geographic area of the North East.


Castelfranco, Pieve di Soligo, Conegliano, Oderzo, Portogruaro, Treviso (2), Camposampiero, Marcon, Mirano, Castel San Giovanni, Gorizia, Lavena Ponte Tresa, Vicenza, Codroipo, San Giorgio di Nogaro, Schio, Piove di Sacco, Monfalcone, Pordenone, Albenga, Casteggio, Santhià

Wall decorations

Interior decoration of offices

For some offices, we decorated the interior walls of the offices with photographic blow-ups depicting a characteristic view of the city in which one is located. To enhance the brand presence within the spaces, some walls were dedicated to host a blow-up of the logos.

For the realisation of these wall murals, we used special wallfilm adhesives on which we reproduced the photographs by digital printing.

Gadgets and promotional materials

Flyers, posters and commercial corners

If for offices open to the public we took care of the branding of indoor and outdoor spaces, we could not fail to provide support for special events and promotional campaigns. At sporting events and trade fairs throughout the year, we supported the customer with the supply of roll-ups, banners, pre-equipped stands and promotional totems. For advertising campaigns and promotions, we printed and produced folded flyers, postcards, promotional posters and anything else that could support sales.