I would like a unique display system to set up my Fantic stores

Study, concept development and realization of a new visual merchandising system

This project starts from the company exigency to have its own and unique retail exposition system to:

  • Increase its presence in the market
  • Expand its sales network
  • Exhibit the group’s 5 brand in a coordinated manner: E-Bikes, FMoser, Off-Roads, Caballero, Fantic Electric

Once all the elements, dimensions and shapes are defined, we have realized a complete document containing all the guidelines and explanations about how to set-up a Fantic corner: this is the retail book.

In the meantime, we have realized the first pilot store to test all elements: the Fantic Store Treviso.

From here on, the large-scale launch.

Concept analysis

Defining display elements

Objective: high consideration to aesthetic details and attention to the functionality of the display elements as well as their costs. The elements’ modularity played a key role in creating independent but complementary items that can be used in different spaces and contexts.


In projects like this which determine the company long-term strategy, it has been essential a continuous exchange of ideas with Fantic Design and the involvement of additional departments such as sales and marketing, in order to always be aligned.


Considering the need to find a retail concept that could be reproduced in a variety of commercial situations, it was essential to focus on the modularity of the display elements and their composition to fit any available space.

Technical design

Materials, shapes, dimensions

Once all display elements were designed and defined, it has been fundamental to create a document to clearly define Fantic image in stores and to create a coordinated display system not only in elements, but also in their disposition and employ.


We chose characterizing materials, such as aluminum and wood, to make the product stand out and at the same time make it easy to recognize each brand.


Given Fantic's wide product portfolio and heterogeneous target groups, we produced 3 retail books, one for each brand, in order to go into detail on the three lines with specific guidelines.

Roll out

Project, engineering, realization

Having defined the basics and the display elements, we entered the technical design using CAD and modelling tools to study the concrete feasibility and every technical detail.

We supported customer’s imagination with the constant elaboration of 3D renderings to simulate different display solutions.

In parallel to the engineering of the products and their implementation for production, we worked on the graphics and communication: each element had to convey the name of the specific brand and that of the group. It was essential to play with photographs and graphics to recreate the ideal usage environment of the individual product.

Retail book

Guidelines for each brand

The retail book is a document containing all the information on how to choose, use and arrange the various display elements within shops, such as product displays, display columns for accessories, indoor and outdoor signs, communication elements such as prints and displays.

It is a multifaceted tool that represents:

  • A guide for the display of products and their use
  • A commercial tool for the company
  • An abacus of all available elements

Field trials: the first pilot store

From the retail book project, it was then time to physically realize the prototypes of each element to understand criticalities and make improvements, working directly on the field and thus testing the new visual merchandising system.

We did this on two occasions:

  • the creation of the first pilot store, the Treviso store, in the ex-Pagnossin area
  • the setting up of the Fantic corner at EICMA Milan 2022, the most important world exhibition in the filed of two-wheelers.
On-site inspection and project

Spaces analysis

Following a spaces inspection, the first part of the work was the design: we analyzed the available space according to the product categories that Fantic decided to place, in this case e-bikes. We then organized all the display elements on a plan, deciding where to place each piece of furniture.

Realization and installation

From the retail book to the store

After the design and visualization on paper, we produced and installed all the furniture and communication elements for the store:

  • Wall film, to decorate and customize the wall at the entrance
  • Furniture. such as counter, till and back counter, stool kit and table
  • Displays, for accessories and clothings
  • Displays such as cages and platforms in various finishes according to the models of e-bikes
  • Outdoor lighted signs for easy identify the store

The project has been developed with a continuous collaboration with Fantic design, marketing and sales departments. It has then been very important the collaboration with some professionals in the field: the Architect Andrea Deppieri, the Architect Walter Deppieri and the Architect Sebastiano Cestaro who, in 2020, supported us in the initial phases of the Fantic Retail project.

EICMA Milan 2022

With the occasion of EICMA 2022, Fantic choose us to set-up its stand with some of the Retail book display elements for a wider project dissemination through:

  • Colored MDF platforms and tubular cages for the bike field exposition
  • Decorative panels and monitor for the communication
  • Ad hoc Fantic Electric platforms personalized with blue led flex tube
  • Impressive ingot platforms with a full decoration to expose the new Moto2 and the famous Off-Road bike of Franco Picco
  • Self-stand backdrops with digital printing for reproducing gigant pictures useful for hanging accessories

A very important aspect for us is reutilization: all display elements we produced for the stand were then recovered at the end of the fair and placed in the new Fantic showroom.