We need durable displays to help us explain how our products work at trade fairs and in our new showroom.

CustomerCarel Industries SpaServiceDisplays | Offices set-upYear2023


Component study and interior layout

The first fundamental phase is that of analysis. Identifying and studying all the components that go to make up the AHU by obtaining their dimensions, 3D models and their correct arrangement within the plant. Since this display had to be a real simulator, it was essential to reproduce reality as faithfully as possible. To do this, we started with 3D models of the various components and, together with Carel, built our new display around them. The 2D and 3D CAD technical design was essential to define the construction aspects and only then did we intervene with the graphic design to provide the user with all the information and explanations on how the various components of the AHU work.


Carpentry, lighting and graphics

Having developed the design in 3D, it was then made executive in order to start production. We started by building the internal load-bearing structure with the construction of a carpentry by cutting and welding aluminium tubing, then fixing all the components of the real AHU inside it. For greater visibility and understanding, we supported everything with external graphic panels and dynamic lighting elements with LED light systems of various colours. During the design and production we paid a lot of attention to the weights, dimensions and palletisation of this new simulator. This durable display is used by Carel during trade fair events on its stand, so the logistics aspect is crucial – it must be easily handled and transported.

Showroom set-up on the occasion of the 50th anniversary

Carel wanted to dedicate a space within the company to display all its products to use it as a showroom but also to support its academy for training activities.


Setting up a 500 m2 space

We have been working with Carel for more than 25 years and have always supported them in the creation of display elements for use at trade fairs within the stand. Attention has always been paid to building displays that are reusable thanks to a simple change of graphics and easy to manage in logistic due to their lightness and modularity.

Over the course of this long partnership, we have therefore created many display elements that have proven to be very versatile.

After Carel had identified certain thematic areas and thus how to divide up the exhibition space, it was decided which displays to use and how to arrange them within the new showroom. We set-up the new showroom with minor structural and graphic adaptations of the displays, the creation and application of wall decorations, and new institutional communication elements for the 50th anniversary celebration.
This new space perfectly reflects the image that Carel has always communicated at international trade fairs.


Wooden partition walls

In this very large showroom, another challenge was to find a partition element for

  • dividing the various thematic areas
  • allowing their immediate recognition
  • dividing but not obstructing the view too much

To divide the various areas of the showroom, we designed and built self-supporting corner walls made of beech slats to delimit the areas without obstructing visibility. Each wall identifies the specific area thanks to interchangeable panels with text.