Plexiglass displays design

Remor realizes plexiglass displays, the good idea for commercial spaces where products need to be exposed in the best way to the customers. Our team pays particular attention at every client request, developing and designing together innovative and personalized solutions with particular attention to every detail. We guarantee a fast and efficient service, including consultancy, which includes the realization of the plexiglass displays from initial design to technical realization.

Custom plexiglass display

A display is an important tool in the advertising field because it allows to display products and highlight their characteristics. This is why Remor seeks to employ the most innovative technologies in the designing and printing of plexiglass display. They allow to meet all customer requirements very quickly and with the highest quality.

Remor plexiglass displays are characterized by a creative and elegant design, and they are available in different sizes and combinations. They can be multi-faceted to exploit small spaces and facilitate the view, and they can be designed to adapt at every typology of shop, tradeshow, shop windows or shopping center.

When you chose a Remor display you also chose refinement, elegance, strong visual impact, prestige for the brand and the best result for the exposed goods.

We can also combine plexiglass with other materials, like wood, cardboard or metal to obtain a higher aesthetic and functional customized display.

Design and production of customized plexiglass displays

Remor is leader in the realization of customized plexiglass displays. Thanks to the employment of the newest technologies and the study of ad hoc solutions, we are able to realize even just one piece of plexiglass display rapidly and of high-quality.
Remor products are versatile and can be employed for a long time without showing any signs of wear and tear. This is the result of the use of digital machines for printing, cutting and engraving for the plexiglass display manufacture. Furthermore, to meet customer needs, we can realize custom plexiglass displays of any typology and size.

Custom plexiglass display made in Italy

Whereas plexiglass displays are an indispensable tool for the promotion and sale of products in shops, Remor displays are manufactured using plexiglass in various colors, thicknesses and designs. They can be customized with various types of print and the design can be studied to best suit each merchandise sector.
Remor always succeeds in offering a high-quality product. The collaboration with highly trained and professional staff allows us to reach goals, positioning us among the Italian market leaders.
Technology, combined with commitment and passion, allows us to complete every order in the best possible way in the shortest possible time and with great customer satisfaction, thus providing a complete service from design to sample presentation, from production to delivery.