Parks signage

Lecterns for public spaces

Lecterns for public spaces are great useful media that must fit well with the environment so as not to create stylistic and landscape contrasts and at the same time they must keep providing information clearly.

Signage in public areas is part of a specific design framework that involves the use of fixed or mobile supports. These devices may be suspended, attached to support structures, or even embedded in the ground, such as totems and lecterns. Their main purpose is to display written indications, maps and often images coordinated with the kind of news that is to be communicated. To do this, we design and produce lecterns that are completely customized in shape, size and materials. We can make products according to customer project, so we can design fully customized ones according to requirements. Alternatively, clients can choose from some standard models in our Designed-By-Remor line and make the structure his own with carved lettering and logos.

Characteristics of lecterns for public spaces

An advantage of the lectern is that it allows easy access to news and information graphics. The width of the panels allows for a large number of inscriptions to clearly indicate the necessary data. Thanks to their conformation, realized with visual design techniques, the opportunity for pleasant explanatory reading is offered. We design and manufactures personalized lecterns or in standard measured in several sizes using metal materials, including steel which is personalized through RAL painting to choose.‎ Structures are made in steel or corten steel: a robust and durable material.‎ The heterogeneousness of color personalization makes these artefacts adaptable at every outdoor environment.‎ Lecterns can be doweled on the floor or, if the lectern needs to be installed on soil, the base will be to be buried up to 20cm with our specific concrete-free solution.‎ It is not necessary to make concrete plinths, but only the waste soil from the pit and some washed stone plates will be used as ballast. For total customization also on a graphic level, we can combine the lectern with plates.‎ These can be realized in polycarbonate then decorated with suitable stickers and specially protected CMYK printing.‎ Thus, allowing the graphic reproduction of any subject, even photographs.‎ In addition to polycarbonate, Remor can also make the decorative part with aluminum composite panels (Dibond), which can also be customized graphically thanks to digital UV printing. Plates are fixed with special spacers, screw covers or simple bolts.‎ There is also the possibility of inserting text, logos and icons on the structure using laser engraving.