Parks signage

Corten totem

Totem made in Corten is ideal for tourist signage to signal and provide information in all those unmanned places that are of historical and landscape charm. Once installed, it can be forgotten as requiring no maintenance.

The Corten totem is mainly intended for outdoor use, precisely for its special features of resistance to corrosion and ageing, as well as its distinctive style. Totems in Corten are designed to last over time and it should not surprise if it takes several months, up to 36, for achieving the classic “rust” look.This timing for achieving its optimum color state depends on the thickness of its components and exposure to weather. Corten gives an appearance in line with the latest architectural trends, and it is well suited to whatever type of ads is to be placed on the totem. In addition to this, an important characteristic of Corten is that, given same thickness, it is much stronger than other normal steels. This means that its thickness can be considerably reduced with advantages both in terms of weight and costs. Totems can be provided with two main types of basement: for installing in the ground (profiles to be buried) and on the floor (steel plate to be doweled on flooring).

Totem in Corten made completely to measure

Totem can be made in different sizes, heights, and shapes. On request, they can be enriched with customized images, logos and lettering.
Another advantage of Corten totem is the very high degree of customization that can be achieved, not only for the message for which it serves as a support, but also about the structure itself. Structure can in some cases be part of the communicative message.

Corten totems can reach also very large dimensions, up to over 4 meters in height. The low weight, resulting from the high strength of the material even at low thicknesses, allows the realization of self-supporting structures even of considerable dimensions and different shapes.

It is also possible, for example, to reproduce logos or symbols in the structure itself, thus achieving real customization.


Although COR-TEN steel has been known for almost a century, it has come back into the limelight in recent years as a material for the realisation of sculptures and architectural solutions. A special feature of this material is its high resistance to weathering, which makes it suitable for the realisation of structures intended to remain permanently outdoors.

The term COR-TEN is in fact formed from the initial syllables of two of the special characteristics of this material, namely:

  • COR stands for high corrosion resistance (CORrosion resistance)
  • TEN stands for high mechanical resistance (TENsile strength)

The particularity of this material lies in its ability to create a surface consisting of the oxides of its own elements: this surface allows it to protect itself from electrochemical corrosion. COR-TEN steel then takes on a natural, generally brown color and does not require any surface treatment. Paradoxically, the formation of the protective patina occurs precisely when the material is exposed to severe conditions, such as exposure to atmospheric agents and repeated wetting and drying cycles.

Totem is used to convey information at landscape, archaeological and cycle sites, as well as to publicize an activity or event as it is the ideal solution in terms of effectiveness, flexibility, durability. One of its winning characteristics is precisely the immediacy of what it is intended to convey to the public: a clear and incisive message that immediately reaches the observer. Many public administrations use them as supports for landscape information or tourist information.

Totem can mainly provide two types of messages:

  • Informative messages to guide the public through a route or provide knowledges
  • Advertising messages to capture attention and to direct the public towards an activity or event

So, if you are interested in an impressive, highly customizable method of communication and advertising, perfectly harmonized with the surrounding environment, whatever it may be, all you need is the Totem in Corten.
Whether you are a business owner or a public administration looking for an effective, durable information system with very low maintenance costs, do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.