Parks signage

Corten panels for outdoor

The possibility of cutting and engraving on Corten panels for outdoor opens up interesting perspectives for permanent signposting and the realization of themes for various applications as monuments, tourist routes or within accommodation facilities and public spaces.

Modern furniture with Corten panels for outdoor

Corten is increasingly being used in the urban environment for totems, lecterns and panels. It is a special steel, the commercial success of which is linked to the fact that it is exceptionally resistant to corrosion by most of the aggressive agents present in an ordinary environment, in particular water, which puts galvanized sheet metal and iron in general to the test. Corten is an alloy that alongside iron also contains nickel, copper, chromium and phosphorus, which give it its characteristic rust color.

Many customization’s possibilities

Corten panels can be customized in shape, size, type of fixing and for the graphics to be reproduced. Corten panels can be arranged for installation to walls, special structures or be self-supporting as totems and lecterns. Corten panels can be directly laser-cut for the reproduction of logos and texts in stencil character. Special graphics with many colors can also be reproduced by a plate made in polycarbonate or Dibond that can then be fixed to the corten steel by means of spacers.