Remor specializes in the design and production of parks signage and green areas signage of different shapes and sizes.

For many years Remor has been involved in the design and the production of signage and lecterns for parks and green areas. The main function of this outdoor signage is to accompany the user within the concerned area with the prerogative of being durable.
Used materials are many: corten steel (rust effect), stainless steel, aluminum, Forex, Dibond and all of them can be decorated with stickers or direct printing or even with different techniques such as laser cutting, punching, thermoforming so to obtain unique and original pieces.
We use avantgarde technologies and highly resistant materials made with the scope of improving the functionality of outdoor areas, making them easily usable by adults and children.

Signage for outdoor green spaces

Signage for the environment: Solutions in Corten for green areas and public parks

Enhance green areas with customized Corten signage. Signages for park plays a key role in orientation and communication within green open spaces. Remor is the ideal partner for your customized environmental signage needs. We specialize in the design and realization of Corten signs for green areas and public parks. We offer high-quality solutions that combine durability, timeless aesthetics and environmental sustainability.

Tourist signage

We are commited and specialized in the design and realization of high-quality, custom-designed tourist signage solutions and other signage solutions to meet the specific needs of your local area.

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Lecterns for public spaces

Public space lecterns are great useful media that must fit well with the environment so as not to create stylistic and landscape contrasts and at the same time they must keep providing information clearly.

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Corten panels for outdoor

The possibility of cutting and engraving on Corten panels opens up interesting perspectives for permanent signposting and the realization of themes for various applications as monuments, tourist routes or within accommodation facilities and public spaces.

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Corten totem

The Corten totem is ideal for tourist signage to signal and provide information in all those unmanned places that are of historical and landscape charm. We design and produce tailored totems in Corten.

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Discover how Corten signage for outdoor spaces can enhance your green area

Choose Remor as your reliable partner for parks signage that makes the difference. Contact Remor today for having a consultation on new personalized signage elements for your public park, botanical garden or green area. Explore our high quality solutions and discover how we can transform the look and functionality of your natural environment.

Strength and durability

Our Corten products are manufactured using a material that is exceptionally resistant to weathering and corrosion. They remain intact over time requiring minimal maintenance and ensuring a long service life. They are the perfetct green areas solution.

Reduced overall costs

Due to its strength and durability, Corten signage requires less replacement and maintenance over the years, providing a long-term economic benefit for green spaces and public parks.

Timeless Aesthetics

Corten gives signs, totems and lecterns a distinctive appearance that is in harmony with their surroundings. By developing a protective oxide patina, Corten products acquire a warm and natural color tone over time, giving them a unique appeal.

Environmental Sustainability

Corten is an eco-friendly and fully recyclable material. By choosing our environmental signage solutions in Corten, you help promote sustainable practices and preserve the natural environment.