1983 | 2023 40^ Anniversary

A family story begins

Walter Remor, in his twenties, devoted himself to painting and decorating advertising posters. His skills and the economic boom contributed to expand the number of his clients.

Remor’s story began in the early 1950s, when 20-year-old Walter Remor, father of the current owner of Remor Srl, took up the business of painter-decorator dedicating himself in making advertising posters.
In Veneto new production realities were emerging that were destined to profoundly mark the area’s development. With the economic boom, companies multiplied: the number of those who chose to rely on the young Walter Remor’s skills increased every day.


Towards the digital revolution

Walter realized the potential of the digital revolution and started an epoch-making change.
With his son Tiziano he founded a new company where introduced the first PC with plotter.

At the turn of the 1980s, Walter Remor realized that the time had come to exercise his skills on a larger scale. In 1983, joining experience with the right amount of audacity, he took a crucial decision with his son Tiziano: they founded Publiremor. In 1985, the first PC with plotter for stickers made its debut in the company. It is the beginning of a true digital revolution: the starting point of an evolutionary process that will lead to a great improvement in quality and a significant increase in quantity.

Products and Service at 360°

Over the years, the company developed into an industrial reality and expanded its business. It now produces signs, banners, billboards, stickers and even exhibition stands.

A period of great change began in 1990. Entrepreneurial horizons expand. Competences cover an ever-increasing variety of products and services. From the production of stickers to the realization of signs, banners and adv posters. From the design of fair booths and point of sales to their fitting out. From the graphic design and wrapping of cars, truck, bikes and aircrafts. And much more besides. The company transform itself into a reality working at 360°.


Remor becomes 3.0

The third millennium has arrived and Remor has entered its 3.0 era.
Led sig, digital signage and visual merchandising but above all a 360° service that is strengthened with the expansion of skills.

The entry into the third millennium sees Remor Srl’s skills expand to digital signage and eco-friendly materials. The innovation process accelerates, both in terms of technological innovation with 3D designs and simulations both in terms of ethical awareness with the search for better materials and processes. Commitment to the preservation of nature becomes a competitive factor: eco-friendly products in recycled cardboard, LED signage with low electricity consumption and eco-design based on reducing volumes and logistic costs.

Remor turns 40!

Day after day we strive to grow our company with the same passion and commitment as in the early days, expanding our presences in new markets and with the arrival of the third generation.

We have developed new skills and solutions to enter markets that are new to us, such as environmental signage, bringing our skills and knowledge to a sector where graphic creativity and digital printing are still little know.
It is also official: the third generation has arrived in the company! With the new entry Giulia, an important generational transition opens up. This moment marks the continuity of family management and the company’ core values, and at the same time the integration of new innovations and new goals to seize opportunities of the future.


“Every individual has the power to make the world a better place”

— Sergio Bambarèn

In our daily work, we continued to be committed to the creation and development of original and fully customized communication solutions to help our clients stand out in the market with unique and valued products. But now we make this with a strong focus on sustainability, both environmental and social.

Through our project Remor Green Philosophy we want to contribute to building a better future. It is a long and challenging path, but we firmly believe that in our own small part we can do it.

Starting from the early design stages where we research environmentally sustainable materials and develop products with their logistic and potential future reuse in mind.
During production processes with low impact technologies and sustainable inks, or by simply grouping similar workings to reduce waste.
During the final waste management with the proper disposal and by incorporating production waste into a circular economy where it can be given a new life.