Design and realization of personalized wooden displays

Rely on Remor for the design and realization of ad hoc wooden display. We realize wooden display following customers’ request to satisfy their needs: thanks to our last generation technologies, we can create realistic product simulation before the production, showing the customer the final result in advance.
The expert Remor team will follow you in the design and realization of personalized wooden displays: they are a key element for each activity who wants to promote and advertise its products, both indoors and outdoor.
Our wide variety of wooden displays includes not only self-standing display unit but also counter displays of small dimensions, which are perfect for small goods categories that have to be positioned on other surfaces and need to attract customers’ attention, like stationary, candies, small electronical objects like USB, cables or brochures.

Discover our range of wooden counter display

Wooden counter displays are perfect to attract customers’ attention. Their small dimensions allow to be positioned even next the store checkout, so that to never go unnoticed and highlight products, novelties or whatever you need to promote. Wooden Remor displays are characterized by small dimension but an accurate space organization, with the result of a display which shows products in an elegant and immediate way, with large personalization possibilities in order to have a long-lasting display thanks to the materials choice. Wooden displays are also a very good communication tool, other than a personalized furniture element.
We can also combine wood with other materials like plastics, metals and cardboard to create a unique, more functional and of higher aesthetical impact display.
We provide our customers with a wealth of experience gained from working in the industry for over 40 years, as well as all our professionalism to deliver wooden advertising displays that perfectly reflect the customer’s initial idea.

Wooden counter displays are a natural and elegant solution to show different typologies of products. They are aesthetically good, durable and resistant. They have features and advantages that enhance the customer shopping experience.

Why you should choose Remor to realize your new wooden display?

Other than their aspect, wooden displays have several advantages for the owner and its customers.

  • They are robust and durable. This means that they can last for years without being replaced, making them an investment and not a cost.
  • They are versatile: they can be used for a very wide range of products, such as food, bottles, cosmetics, books and much more.
  • They are environmentally friendly because wood is a natural, renewable and recyclable resource. This means that choosing a display made of this material can help a company reduce its footprint and improve its corporate image.

Like all our displays, even wooden displays can be employed to create the best shopping experience. Like all our displays, even wooden displays can be employed to create the best shopping experience. They can be used to organize and expose products and promote them in an innovative way thanks to the crowner personalization – the back of the display. But not only the crowner can be personalized. Wooden counter displays can be made in various shapes and sizes, with adjustable shelves and compartments, with parts in other materials, or with LED lights to enhance product visibility.

The entire wooden counter display can be customized by using digital printing, or by assembling with other materials.

Finally, a special feature of all our displays is their modularity: this allows the displays to be shipped in almost flat boxes, reducing volume and thus environmental impact.

Discover the types of wood we use

MDF couneter displays

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a wood fiber board and its special feature is that it is colored throughout its mass, both on the surfaces and on the inside. It exists in different color variants obtained with the use of organic dyes, thus allowing different colors to be used according to creative needs.

Discover the counter display that we have designed and custom-made for K-FLEX Insulator using MDF material combined with Plexiglas.

Counter displays in bamboo

Bamboo is not exactly a tree but rather a grass which produces a special and elegant type of wood that is very robust and versatile.

We use sheets that can be carved, shaped and engraved as well as printed for customization.
To be inspired, discover the counter display we have realized for MA Switzerland: click on the images and deepen the work we have done.

Remor offers customers a complete and professional service aimed at supporting communication for every business. We ensure a simple purchasing process during which the user can choose customization, from graphic design to final delivery.
In addition, we always seek to invest in new technologies and specialized personnel, in all departments of our structure with the aim to produce an increasingly high-quality and high-performance product, with fast services targeted to individual customer exigencies and always with the intention of offering the best product at the best price.