Design and production of personzalized metal displays

Dibond displays are a good exhibition solution since this material allows to realize personalized shape display, durable and at the same time lightweight. Dibond is a very versatile material which allow our offices to design display solution almost without any restriction and, thanks to an accurate attention posed on the eco-design, we develop self-standing displays with shelves or hooks for blisters which are easily assembled by interlocking parts. In this way, each customer can assembly the display by his own, simply following the instructions provided.
Furthermore, the interlocking system allow to create smaller packaging for a more efficient, sustainable and economic delivery with respect to a shipment with the display already ready.

Remor has been involved in the design and production of metal displays for years, gathering together with the customer all the information about space, dimensions and exigencies to displaying and promoting products in the best possible way.
Remor metal displays are produced to answer exigencies such as customization, brand visibility, product display, weight capacity, easy assembly, quality and elegance.

Designing counter metal displays

Remor metal counter displays are designed, manufactured and refined following technical and graphic clients’ requirements. Our displays are not just high-quality, personalized and durable displays, but they are also a good marketing tool for the brand and the products. In fact, counter displays are generally positioned to highlight one product over the others to create a dedicated corner, especially when the object is small.
To meet customers’ requirements, Remor realize display of all types and dimensions, combining different materials like wood, plastic, cardboard and metal to obtain a high-impact display.

Design of customized metal displays

By taking advantage of innovative technologies in the field of printing and designing, like for example 3D design tools, even for metal displays we can realize different kind of requests quickly and of high quality. Our floor-standing metal displays are customized with the features requested by customers or designed together with them. Remor metal displays are durable, and they are a good communication tool for the brand. They are designed with interchangeable graphics in order to be updated according to the specific moment exigencies, and they have very high load-bearing and resistance characteristics, they can be customized taking into account the size of the articles to be displayed, and they can be used as true furnishing elements, to be used inside the shop or as window displays.

Our metal floor displays are particularly requested. They can be made in different sizes and types so that they are completely independent and self-contained, as well as perfectly visible and ideal for the promotion of any type of goods.

Customized metal counter displays

Remor metal counter displays have several functions: further than a durable object to expose products, they are also a communication and promotion tool for the brand. They can be realized with interchangeable graphic, as to change it according to the company or product exigencies and they have high durability and resistance characteristics. That is why they are also ideal for high weight products, or with protruding and sharp parts that could damage the display over time.
In addition, Remor metal counter displays are designed according to the dimensions of the items, in order to create a customized, original and elegant product.