Vehicles branding: a dynamic strategy to promote your business on your company cars.

Have you ever thought about advertising on vehicles to promote your brand? This marketing strategy consists of printing your brand on your business fleet which can be composed by cars, vans, trucks or boats. It is a true form of ”advertising on the move”, thanks to which you can spread your business wherever you go, reaching a wide audience immediately and in an extremely effective way.

Maximum visibility for your business

With ads on vehicles, your brand will be exposed to the curious glances as you drive around town. The advantage? High local visibility, catching the attention of potential customers in your area.

Dynamic and customized promotion

Not just promotion of your brand, vehicles branding allows you to broadcast specific advertising messages or offers. We can customize the appearance of your vehicles with original graphics, creative slogans and designs that best represent your brand identity.

Long-lasting advertising

The adhesive films used for wrap advertising promote your business and thanks to their high quality, they last for a long time, guaranteeing a long dissemination of your advertising.

Discover our services of vehicles branding

Three distinctive options for your vehicle branding


This option focuses on the information aspect and uses pre-spaced adhesive films to communicate essential information.
The use of different colored films allows to emphasize the contact information you want most to be noticed.


This option allows to enrich the visual communication. Further than pre-spaced adhesive films, it includes digitally printed logos and images.
In the design phase, it considers also the wrapping of vehicle’s sides, as well as the back, not leaving out any contact information.


If you desire a complete decoration, this is your option. Thanks to our high-quality adhesive films, you can completely transform your vehicle: you can change the color, reproduce a wide image and many other options! This solution offers the maximum creative expression freedom.

It doesn't matter whether it is big or small: with us your image takes-off

We personalize whatever type of vehicles with the most developed wrapping techniques: from scooters, cars, trucks, competition motorcycles to boats, sailing boats, small vehicles for tourism and airplanes. Our specialized team has the whole experience to perfectly work in those situations and realize these demanding applications on different surfaces, as the corrugated ones using adhesive films of high quality and guaranteed by brand as 3M, Avery and MacTac.

  • We personalize aircrafts starting from small vehicles for tourism to airplanes with the most developed wrapping techniques.
  • We personalize cars, van, trucks with the most developed wrapping techniques.
  • We personalize offshore boats and sailing boats with the most developed wrapping techniques.

We personalize motorcycles from scooters to motorbikes for competition with the most developed wrapping techniques.