Shop windows are the point where communication changes by the season and promotion , they are the first meeting point between the shop and the customer. Adhesive films are employed in this kind of decoration.

Shop windows decoration is made through adhesive films that are applied to the windows or glasses of a business or office: they are used to diversify a business and to create an identity through the reproduction of graphics, lettering, and much more. Windows decoration can have different functions: they can act as a business sign if applied near the entrance, or they can give indications for the spaces on which they are applied. They can be used to create privacy by obscuring the glass or by creating a see-through effect. Shop windows decoration can also be a way to embellish and make the outside of your business more attractive or they can be a temporary means of communication for special promos.

Shop windows are widely customizable with reference to graphics to be reproduced and dimensions, and the employed adhesive films can be of different typologies:

  • Printed adhesive films: these allow the reproduction of any graphic, thanks to digital printing, even with full-field reproductions. they can be opaque, which do not allow the inside or outside to be seen, or ‘in transparency’ using Kristal films
  • Pre-spaced adhesive films: are stickers particularly suitable if you want to apply a simple graphic element or writing, they have no background
  • Etched & Frosted glass effect: translucid vinyl film that create the effect of traditional sanding, polishing and mirrored effect on glass
  • Promotional adhesive films: are made with adhesive films particularly suitable for promotions thanks to a ‘stick-on’ adhesive for quick and easy application and removal