Interior design conveys art and design and allows us to create exclusive and personalized solution to make every environment original and unique.

At the heart of our interior design proposals are wall decorations. They are realized with wall films and wallpapers characterized by enveloping and pleasant-to-touch textures which are printed in high quality to guarantee total customization. Our focus on quality is also reflected in the inks used, which are Greenguard Gold certified in order to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment. Sustainability is a very important value for us.

In addition to walls, we can also easily decorate surfaces and objects employing the prestigious 3M Di-Noc adhesive films and similar, which add to environments a timeless elegance. These textured and layered adhesive films give new life to surface through a perfect interior restyling.

You can redevelop your offices or reception by using wall decorations, customized signs, as well as 3D elements which add a distinctive touch to areas conveying corporate values or keywords, thus transforming spaces into a visual communication narrative.


Thanks to the usage of special adhesive films, we are able to decorate “any” type of object, from the personalization of an escalator or a luggage tape in an airport, to scale models of trucks, airplanes and big container.
We have films with various effects: metal, fabric, wood, lacquered color and customized printings. This allows to get unique object of any materials and measure.


We decorate surfaces of all types: both for indoor and outdoor usage, using adhesive films in a very wide range of colors and finishings. We apply digital printing techniques that allow the achievement of results that were unimaginable some time ago. We use special films for walls and floors that are printable in four-color processes increasing the offered selection.