Customized cardboard displays design

Remor pays particular attention to quality and details, this is why we study together with the customer the best solutions to create an ad hoc cardboard display, providing know-how, craftsmanship, made in Italy products, experience and the newest technologies. We can realize displays of every typology and size, offering customized solutions for small shops, trade shows or exhibitions.

All our cardboard displays are realized to enhance customers’ products; in this context we collaborate with experts in the field who can provide advice and suggestions on the display, they can help with the right display according to the product or the final destination.

We know how important displays are; this is why all our displays are designed to enhance customer’s goods, and we help with the right display choice further than the best model solution.

Our professional designers, using specific software, take care of the design of the cardboard displays by creating an initial sketch and then the complete design of the various components following customer’s needs. In this way, we guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. The customer can participate in the realization of the requested product by selecting the desired material and providing us with all the indications for the graphics to be applied to the cardboard display.

Ad hoc cardboard display design and realization

Displays are designed to highlight a particular product. They are the solution for promoting a particular type of product, latest articles, a special promotion or other items that you want to highlight and that deserve special attention from your customers. Our cardboard displays are ideal for point-of-sale promotion, trade fairs, events and exhibitions. Remor cardboard displays can also be a furnishing tool, designed to display products easily, lightly and in a sustainable way.
To always guarantee the best for our customers in terms of quality, sustainabilitỳ and savings, we rely on partners who provide us with high-performance materials and state-of-the-art technologies.

Discover the quality of Remor cardboard displays

Remor cardboard displays are ultra-light, elegant and designed to display products in a simple, original and accurate way.

For years we have been concerned with creating simple and elegant solutions, combining craftsmanship with a passion for new technologies. In this way, we are able to create sophisticated design products that combine design, functionality and high-quality materials. These are all features which over the years have made us a reliable and market-oriented partner. All our projects, in fact, starts by listening to the customer in order to propose innovative, practical and ad-hoc solutions in line with the needs of the business.

Remor provides a wide range of consultancy and design services, gathering together with the customer all the information about space, dimensions, and requirements for promoting articles in the best possible way, and then creating the cardboard displays that best suit the objectives to be achieved.