If you are looking for professional and high-quality business signage solutions for your company or commercial activity, you are in the right place. For over 40 years, we offer design and realization services for indoor and outdoor business signage.

Outdoor business signage: we design this signage in order to capture attention and guide visitors clearly and effectively. From the visual identity to directions, we take care of every detail to match corporate identity.

Indoor business signage: indoor direction can be optimized with an intuitive and customized indoor signage. The overall visitor experience is enhanced through solutions that perfectly integrate with the corporate brand identity.

One of our strengths is the customized approach: each project is unique. We strictly collaborate with each customer to individualize the specific exigencies and offer ad hoc solutions which reflect corporate identity.

With years of experience in the field of visual communication, we understand the dynamics and specific requirements of the various sectors and provide targeted and efficient solutions for the design and implementation of:

  • Hospital and healthcare interior signage
  • Corporate directional and office signage
  • External and internal signage for hotels
  • Commercial activities signage
  • Safety signage

Indoor business signage

In Remor we study and realize indoor business signage, a widely used instrument both in private and public businesses to direct customers into the environments and sort user flows. These are elements that we always consider when designing indoor signage. Customized indoor signage for companies brings several advantages since it prevents queues or traffic in commercial environments, it provides useful information to users on the layout of products, and it indicates where entrance, exit and emergency door areas are located. We also produce all safety and fire signage. For years Remor is in charged of producing indoor business signage, offering a wide range of solutions to help customers take the right direction in every context or environment. The collaboration with airports, public offices, and large-scale retail distribution developed in Remor the capability of developing and realize signage projects starting from a floor plan. We pose particular attention on the general environment style in order to realize a final indoor business signage project which perfectly blends with the furnishings, even those with a more traditional style.

Production of outdoor signage

When we speak about outdoor corporate signage we are talking about a tool that has the primary function of accompanying the user and allowing the orientation and direction of customers within different areas of commercial interest.

For outdoor signage, Remor uses different types of materials suitable for outdoor use and resistant to weathering such as wind, rain and sunlight. Depending on the location, we ensure that the most suitable material is used and that it guarantees a longer life span. Outdoor signage for a park in the mountains has different characteristics than signage for a residence in a beach area or an airport. In addition, the experience of our staff allows us to often combine different materials and processes: laser cutting, punching, thermoforming, to obtain unique and original pieces. Remor offers outdoor signage services for commercial and public companies, large-scale retail trade, airports, hospitals, parks and gardens.