Outdoor lighted signs installed outside of a store, of an office or a productive site are the first company recognition element for a customer or supplier; a high-impact advertising solution, regardless the activity sector.

We realize outdoor lighted signs, with direct or indirect light, with led lateral emission and single or double faces box. We pay high attention to details and to finishings’ quality assuring a perfect result. The adoption of sustainable techniques of illumination (led system) fosters the energetic saving with a cost reduction up to 75%. In Remor we realize tailor-made outdoor lighted signs, following the realization process step by step. Together with the client, we analyze their needs with the aim to design the best sign:

  • We chose high-quality and durable materials, like aluminium or Plexiglass
  • We study the more appropriate shapes and dimensions, recommending the best kind of sign to reproduce the logo in order to be recognizable even from long distances
  • The production is in our laboratories, thanks to our craftsmen experience, which is also in charge of the installation
  • We offer administrative support with reference to legal obligations and authorizations of the commissioned sign

Outdoor lighted signs can be either box or single letter signs.

Lightbox sign

If you want a band of light or have a particular graphic to reproduce in addition to your company name, a light box might be the right choice. It can have a decorated or laser-cut front and it can be single- or double-sided.
All our signs are supplied with a LED lighting system, complete with IP 67 power supplies suitable for outdoor use.

Single-sided lightbox

This type of sign is fixed to the wall, and it is characterized by a dibond or aluminium sheet back and a plex front. The latter can be transparent reverse-printed with the application of a full-field opal adhesive film, or it can be made of opal plexiglass decorated with translucent adhesive film. Thanks to digital printing and the use of high-quality films, a very wide range of graphics can be reproduced.

Double-sided lightbox

They are sign which are personalized on both sides, and they can be installed “like a flag” on a wall, or on a customized freestanding structure. These signs are characterized by a perimeter profile in aluminium which can be varnished in a RAL color. To guarantee solidity, each double-sided luminous sign is equipped with an internal steel structure.
The opaline plexiglass fronts can be customized using translucent adhesive films.

Lightbox signs with carved letters

A third typology of lightbox sign is the one with carved letters and/or logos. It consists of an internal structure and an aluminium front. This latter is carved according to the customer’s graphics and varnished with a choice among RAL.
To ensure the lighting effect, an opal methacrylate screen is placed inside the structure, which can remain neutral, or it can be decorated in translucent adhesive film for ‘colored’ lighting effects.

Lighted single-letter signs

Lighted signs with single letters

All the letters of these signs are made of boxed aluminium sheet with a plexiglass front. The lighted single-letter signs are characterized by the light coming out from the front.
The inside of each letter is white, but the outside can be personalized by choosing from the RAL palette. Frontal plexiglasses are shaped according to what must be reproduced. Single letters can also be decorated on the front with translucent adhesive films in order to guarantee the maximum possible customization.
Finally, single letters can be totally realized with opal or colored plexiglass. In this way light will come out both from the front and sides of the letters.

Single-letter sign with front light

If you would like to reproduce the name of your company or business to give it greater emphasis, your choice could be a single-letter-box sign: it can be customized in dimensions to perfectly adapt to the location.
All our signs are supplied with a LED lighting system, complete with IP 67 power supplies suitable for outdoor use.

Single letter backlit signs

These signs are realized starting from an aliminuim sheet, painted white on the inside and customizable on the outside by a RAL color painting. For a more elegant a prestigious result, letters can also be realized in brass, copper or stainless steel.
Light coming out from the back of each letter and the brightness of the sign itself is given by the reflection of the light on the installation wall.
To space the sign from the wall and obtain the baklit light effect, we use specific spacers and a methacrylate back for each letter to increase light reflectivity.

Lighted totem

Our lighted totem, both for indoor and outdoor, rectangular or elliptical, are created following step by step all customers’ requests. The surface’s decoration is realized with the most developed techniques of digital printing and with 3M Translucent films.