In Remor we also produce indoor customized lighted signs, perfect to confirm strong brands or provide solidity to new brands.

On the same level of the graphics and material choice there are lighting systems and indoor lighted sign which are a crucial element to reach target customer. This is why it is important to rely on a professional business in the field. Regardless of the kind of sign you chose, we can answer at every request, designing solutions which meet customer needs.

Indoor lighted sign for interior walls: discover the typologies

Nowadays realizing shop led signs require creativity to obtain a satisfying idea, but also craftmanship and professionality in order to realize what the customer want. Guaranteed satisfaction is at the heart of our mission.
Among the best solutions which we designed for our users, here we tell you about “30 Extra Slim Led Sign”, “Light Banner” and “Flex Led Tube”.

Backlit signs

In this solution letters are spaced from the installation bracket or wall and light coming from the back. If you combine this solution with the choice of prestigious materials, like brass or steel, it is possible to create a unique atmosphere, thus presenting led backlit signs as a suitable solution for every type of interior.

30 Extra Slim Led Sign

This new solution suitable for interior design, is a versatile sign with a very little thickness. Thanks to the particular led configuration installed on the borders and to the employ of an engraved plexiglass panel, our “30 Slim led sign” provides an 80% savings rate with respect to other signs with the same lighting system.

This solution is completely designed and realized by Remor, who produced this particular design from little thickness. The laser engravings of the panel allows a uniform light diffusion.

Available in 5 models, a 30 Extra Slim can be installed for every need:

  • to the ceiling with a steel cable kit
  • to the ceiling with telescopic brackets
  • to the wall
  • self-standing, to produce a two-sided totem
  • flag-style, installed with special brackets

Light Banner

Light Banner is a double-sided modular aluminium frame with interchangeable textile supports and LED lighting.

Its luminous and prestigious aspect make it the perfect communication instrument in trade-shows, showrooms and shops, or it can work as an informative banner in health or institutional environments. Why you have to choose it?

  • The led lighting system is installed all around the borders
  • All the components are provided inside a box for an easier transport and delivery
  • It is lightweight but at the same time stable
  • It is easily assembled by interlockings
  • It is double-sided
  • Textile supports are interchangeable

Led Flex Tube

Flex led tube is a luminous sign for interior walls that reproduces the neon effect: it is perfect for recreating various graphics with the convenience, safety and sustainability of the led technology.

The characteristics making this product in great demand are:

  • flexibility
  • high brightness
  • high energy saving
  • long life

Our Led flex tube signs are already pre-mounted on a transparent plexiglass support, which makes them very easy to install, and are available in different thicknesses, colors and fonts, to create the solution tailored to your needs.