Outdoor advertising represents a wide solution which includes indoor, outdoor, promotional, and advertising signs. In Remor we have a long experience in the field of visual communication and signs which allows us to concretize almost all the exigences.

Signs are precious instruments in different contexts.

Thanks to their versability, signs can be employed with an advertising aim, but also to promote every kind of activity.

Outdoor advertising

Signs and advertising systems are realized with specific materials weather-resistant. Employ signs to identify your activity in a temporary or permanent way: chose among billiboards, panels or banners.

Promotional signs

To promote your event do not forget to expose signs like banners and drapes in the most frequented places. You can use them also to promote your brand during other events like demonstrations and festivals.

Indoor signs

Even indoor environments need to communicate. You can use plates, panels or banners to provide information and identify different areas. We can support you in the design of the graphics of your sign project, in addition to the installation.

Advertising banners and drapes

Advertising sings are a particular marketing instrument employed to reach a specific audience, the one in company’s commercial interests’ area. Advertising banners can be placed near your own business, on various mediums such as walls, panels, sails, poles and metal structures. They can also be hung on public authorized areas and on advertising space specifically purchased. Some of the main advantages of using banners and drapes for advertising purposes are:

  • They convey an immediate and direct message by using striking phrases, images, and persuasive language.
  • They are easily readable even from long distances
  • They can reach a large number of customers, in defined territorial areas. In this way, the company is sure to be noticed by people really interested in its services.
  • We print all types of images and communication on PVC banners and cloths, also backlit, both micro-perforated, canvas and flag; those are all materials that resist to the action of atmospheric agents.
  • Banners can be personalized in the shapes, dimensions and graphics.

Advertising systems

We design and realize advertisement systems of all types, for indoor and outdoor places and means of transport: from supports for posters 6×3 to all the other formats, as well as panels for dynamic ads. We realize all standard solutions but moreover we produce customized systems, from the smallest to temporary or permanent installations in buildings. We realize signage both for construction sites and for all other possible uses.

Kee-klamp advertsing system

Kee-klamp advertising systems are advertising installations particularly suitable for outdoor use. They consist of a galvanized tubular frame to which a banner is attached and tensioned using special elastic tensioning rods. With this system the banner can be replaced in just a few minutes, thus enabling the customer to change it by its own easily and promptly. Banners are digitally printed for complete customization.