Advertising signs represent a person's first contact with a business. For this reason, they must be ad hoc designed and produced to attract the attention of the greatest number of individuals and increase the likelihood that they will turn into customers.

Starting from the specific client need and the installation point, our creative and technic office can suggest to the company the best constructive and set-up solutions, along with the best design solution for their new advertising sings.

According to the kind of artefacts, also the material choice is key to for the eye-catching.
Dibond, for example, is one of the best solutions for non-luminous sign: thanks to its composition it is easily shapable and customizable and it can be digitally printed for the representation of every kind of graphic.

Advertising signs

These signs distinguish themselves for their simplicity and elegance. Non lighted signs are essential in several different contexts, especially where the clarity of the message is crucial. The personalization through materials, colors and forms allows to realize the most disparate kind of sign for the most disparate application and personalization, from the minimal one to the reproduction of peculiar elements.


They represent a solid option for corporate and directional signage, a versatile and timeless solution. All of our totems are realized with solid steel or aluminium internal structures, with a choice infills depending on the desired finish. With their clean and elegant design, they are ideal for installation near the entrance of a company to emphasize the brand, information or other messages. The choice of single- or double-sided totems represents a significant customization element, allowing the maximization of the visibility.

Suitable solutions for any need with an incredible energetic saving

We design non-illuminated and illuminated signsof all types and dimension. Signs with single letters in metal, forex (till 40mm thickness), in polystyrene, in Dibond and in Plexiglas. We create single and double-sided signs, flag or wall fixed signs, freestanding or hanging signs. We use high quality material, and we pay attention to each detail ensuring a perfect result.

We produce lighted signs both backlit and illuminated, with direct, indirect and lateral light, or also a single or double-sided light box. The care and attention that we put on details and finishings ensure the perfection of results. The adoption of sustainable technologies of lightening (led system) promotes the energetic saving with a cost reduction close to 75%. Our luminous totems, both for internal and external environments are customized in order to satisfy our clients’ needs, and these totems can have different shapes, for instance rectangular or elliptical. The decoration of surfaces is realized with the most advanced techniques of digital print.