Advertising displays of great quality and impact. Since the beginning, speed and quality are cornerstones of our company’s works of design and realization of displays that can be adapted to every shop, point of sale or commercial spaces.

Advertising displays are essential tools for any shop that wants to advertise and promote its products inside or outside its areas. Our company deals with customized advertising displays, designed for the customer according to his specific needs. We use all our professionalism and experience to design advertising displays exactly in line with expectations: our aim is to create a product that perfectly reflects the initial idea.

Each display is unique. It’s yours.

The first phase is always the design one, which allows us to invent and develop a completely ad hoc display. We study forms and dimensions according to your specific exigencies and then we dress it up with your communication.

Each detail counts

A display is more than just forms and dimensions: choosing the right material allows to spread specific messages and values. You can personalize your display by including lighted elements, or you can focus on particular images and realize interchangeable communication to change promotions.

Made by our hands

With more than 40 years in the field, we consolidated processes and production techniques for realizing every kind of display. Our craftsmen are autonomous in printing, cutting and assembling and this guarantees speed and flexibility in the production process to our customers.

Production of customized counter displays

Remor designs and manufactures custom-made counter displays, which can be produced according to the customer’s drawing or to a design developed by us reproducing customer’s needs. With digital technologies we have in-house as 3D softwares, we can perfectly simulate and visualize the final result also with used materials thanks to rendering of displays. Our flexibility allows us to not request a minimum production batch, but we can realize personalized display in little or large quantities.

(togliere) (togliere) (togliere) (togliere) (togliere) (togliere)In producing cutom-made counter display we work with different materials like wood, plastics, cardboard and metals, which can also be combined together to realize a high-impact display.

You can choose among many different types of counter displays:

  • cardboard counter displays
  • wooden counter displays
  • metal counter displays
  • plastic counter displays
  • plastic counter displays for make-up
  • customized counter displays

Manufactures of wooden and Plexiglas floor standing displays

We realize self-standing displays for floor for promotional uses and at the same time with a long-life duration. They can be made with sustainable material such as cardboard or Re-Board that are recyclable at 100%. We have digital technologies that allow us to satisfy orders both for numerous and few quantities with different graphics. (togliere)(togliere) (togliere) Our floor display can be realized in different dimensions without being cumbersome. Thanks to our capabilities acquired through time and experience, we can design and produce display which are assembled by interlocking the various parts without screws and bolts; this allows flat packaging and considerable savings in transport.

You can choose among:

  • customized floor displays
  • custom-made floor displays
  • floor displays for shops
  • customized cardboard floor displays
  • floor displays for food
  • floor displays for bottles
  • floor displays for pharmacies
  • floor displays for shoes
  • eco-friendly floor displays

Long lasting display for fair shows

Trade shows always give the possibility to communicate directly with potential clients during the phase in which they are actively interested in getting information for the purchase.
For this reason, it is really important to have the right display. We realize all those elements that add value to the product presenting it in the best way and so catching visitor’s eyes.

Our trade show displays are the result of an ad hoc design and the employ of high-quality materials to guarantee durability and visibility. Thanks to our wide experience in the field of visual communication, we are able to offer creative solutions that make your company stands out.
We work closely with the clients, translating their visions into customized displays. Whether it is a local trade fair or a nationwide event, our displays are adaptable to specific needs.
Choosing Remor ensures your company has high-quality trade fair displays designed to leave a lasting impression on visitors.
We pay particular attention to the production of trade shows displays that are not aimed at a single event, but we design and produce displays that can be reused later for other events or can become the highlight of your showroom.

The photo point: a display for entertainment

Among the funniest solution for a display there is the photo-point, an advertising structure addressed to a young audience or even an adult one, since the aim is to involve the public in the location where the photo-point is.

It is a functional solution to communicate your advertising message and to involve consumers in a funny way. We realize ad-hoc structures, looking at the customer’s draw or creating a new idea hypothesizing various materials.

Our graphic team works in continuous collaboration with the client to transform ideas in tangible and engaging projects. Whether you are looking for a photo-point for a small event or a larger structure for a tourist attraction, we are ready to tailor-make your project to your specific needs. Our aim is to offer high-quality, long-lasting photo-points that meet every request.

The design of each display

The first step to create a wood display, a plexiglass display or cardboard display is the design. Our specialized designers work on this phase with specific software and, following customer’s guide and exigencies, realize the preliminary project and then a complete sketch of the final display aspect and components. In this way, we guarantee the customer the maximum satisfaction, who can participate in the realization of the requested product by selecting the desired material and providing us with all indications for the graphics to be applied on the display. The design is then realized with the help of the newest digital technologies and qualified personnel.

Displays’ shapes and dimensions

To meet ideas and satisfy every request, we can realize display of different typologies and dimensions. There are no limitations with reference to shapes and size of the display or the quantities to be produced. We realize display for small stores, large businesses, retail chains or events such as trade shows or exhibitions.

A special attention in the manufacturing process

Wood displays, plexiglass displays, and cardboad displays can be the furniture element which pose particular attention on the products and attract consumers’ eyes. This is why we produce a display right after an accurate design and materials choice, while studying the single situation with the customer. A display is an important element in the visual communication sector because it allows to show products enhancing its characteristics. In Remor there are qualified personnel and last generation technologies to create high-quality products, personalized for each customer’s need.

Different materials for different displays

In the display production we employ different materials, like plastics, wood, metals, and cardboard. Our design office can create simple or articulated structures for indoor or outdoor areas. Our products are very versatile and can be used for a long time without showing signs of wear or tear for years. Due to the employ of different materials, Remor uses different types of digital machines for printing, cutting and engraving.

According to the products which must be shown and the installation context, we accurately study the display implementation and design. We can use wood, plastics, cardboard and metals which, often on client’s request, are combined to obtain a more functional and high-impact display. Our primary goal is customers satisfaction. This is why we have been researching and developing since our early years. We are constantly searching for the best techniques and materials that allow us to achieve quality displays staying within our customer’s budget.

Wooden display

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Cardboard displays

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Plexiglass displays

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Custom shop displays

With more than 40-years of experience in the advertising and visual communication sector we design and realize customized displays for shops and point of purchase for different good categories. We can create high quality displays in a short time, matching customer requests. Customized displays can be made in any shape and material; we usually show the final sketch to the customer so that he can visualize the result in the environment before production. At the customer’s request, we can also produce individual quantities of the customized display as a sample so that the customer can make an even more confident decision. For each display, we always think about the most efficient way to realize it. Optimization of resources is at the base of our green-oriented design, which is also based on the use of recyclable materials such as corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard and DISPA, or recyclable plastics such as Smart-X and PPL. Our wide variety of point of purchase displays includes counter displays of small dimensions, which are perfect for small goods categories that have to be then positioned on a table or desk. Some concrete product examples could be stationary, candies, small electronical objects like USB or cables. Another requested kind of display are floor-standing displays, which can be up to two meters in size and can be completely independent, as well as perfectly visible and therefore ideal for the promotion of any kind of merchandise.

Multiple solutions in the desiderd quantities

All our wood displays, plexiglass displays, and cardboard displays can be produced in the quantities desired by the customer without the need of a minimum number of pieces. We offer different solutions that can be combined with each other, such as counter displays, floor displays, or maxi-displays usually specially designed for trade shows. We want to guarantee a complete supply, this is why we allow the customer to select different models to enhance the visibility of his business.

A good display enhances the goods to be sold

Remor knows the importance of investment in advertising and marketing, sectors in which it is an active company that is always at the forefront. For this reason, all displays are made to enhance customer’s products, providing advice and suggestions for the display and for choosing the best model according to the products to be shown or the location.