With 40 years of experience in the visual communication field, Remor is able to propose and realize display, signs and signage which adapt to every environment and request.

Thanks to an internal graphic and technical department, the company is capable to materialize each customer ideas and exigencies, regardless of its working sector.

If you need to show a specific product or to emphasize some of its characteristics, or if you need to realize a new lighted or non-lighted sign for indoor or outdoor areas, our expert team is able to follow each project at 360°: from site inspection to creative design and even installation.

Each request is specifically studied to propose the most suitable solutions in terms of materials, for example cardboard for short-term displays, or Dibond and Plexiglas, as well as the realization of ad hoc aluminium support structures for signs.

Indoor lighted sign

Remor is engaged in the design and production of customised indoor illuminated signs, ideal for establishing, empowering and enhancing new and established brands.

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Business signage

We study and realize high quality professional solutions for corporate and businesses, both internal and external, independently of the sector in which you company operates.

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Signs & Totem

Advertising signs represent a person's first contact with a business. For this reason, they must be ad hoc designed and produced to attract the attention of the greatest number of individuals,

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Outdoor lighted signs

Outdoor lighted signs are the first element of company recognition by a customer or supplier, a high-impact advertising solution, regardless of the sector in which the company operates.

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With a wealth of experience in the field of signage, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions to suit the most different needs.

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We design and produce advertising displays for shops, retail outlets and commercial spaces with speed and of high quality, cornerstones that have always characterized our company's work.

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