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Customized Corten steel lectern ready for delivery

For last-minute emergencies and projects, a new line of corten lecterns is born: it’s Flash. Standard lecterns in sizes but fully customisable with specially made plaques, available in just a few days.

A fast and customisable lectern: designed for you

At Remor, we have devised and designed a collection of lecterns that are standard in sizes, based on the most frequent requests we have received over time, but totally customisable in terms of graphics and other aesthetic details based on the requirements of each single project.
The Flash line of corten steel lectern is therefore characterized by very short order processing times and at the same time continues to be extensively customisable.

Why Flash lecterns are designed for you?

  • Do you have to inaugurate a green or cultural area in a few days? Our Flash lecterns are just waiting for your confirmation to be delivered
  • Do you miss ideas how to make the plants in the city park known? Each plant deserves its due importance: shape the plaque with its leaf
  • Do you need to emphasise several points of interest in the historic centre? Each individual lectern can have its own individual nameplate
  • How not to go unnoticed? Enhance your logo by perforating it
  • Do you want to guide visitors along a route? Whether in a historical centre or a park, choose the most suitable basement for the location

These are just some of the questions that are answered in our Flash lecterns.

Flash lecterns are available in two sizes that are ready for delivery and suitable for the realization of a customized plate:

  • Flash 400 – mm. 400×1364 above ground, to be buried in the ground or doweled on the floor
  • Flash 520 – mm. 520×1364 above ground, to be buried in the ground or doweled on the floor

If you are a company or public administration looking for a Corten lectern for an upcoming event, this is the perfect solution for you!


Why choose a Corten lectern that is in stock and ready for delivery

Our Corten stands Flash are available for delivery in just a few days but, at the same time, they are designed to be adaptable to any request and thus largely customisable thanks to the use of Dibond.
Once the graphic elements have been defined, combining the experience and creativity of our graphics department with the needs of each customer, we can produce a customised, shaped and perforated Dibond plaque in just a few days.
Dibond is an aluminium composite panel consisting of three layers, two aluminium outer layers and a polyethylene core. It is a light but at the same time particularly rigid and stable material, ideal for the production of signs to be installed both indoors and outdoors.
Dibond can be:

  • Digitally printed for the reproduction of a wide variety of graphics – including photographs – then protected by UV lamination
  • Shaped to reproduce a logo or a particular shape
  • Perforated to reproduce a specific phrase or name, which will then stand out with the rust colour of oxidised corten
  • Folded, to combine the elegance of the Corten artefact with a plaque that follows the shape of the lectern itself

To complete this quick but personalised service, we can ship the Corten lecterns throughout Europe.

All solutions for park signage and wayfinding

When it comes to parks, green areas, historical or cultural centres in general, Corten is a very popular material for environmental signage.
Discover our tailor-made solutions we can propose to you:

If you are a Public Administration, find out how we can be your single point of contact, click here.