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Why you need to choose one of our corten steel artifact

What is corten steel?

Corten steel has been patented 90 years ago, in the 30s when there was the necessity to find a new most durable material with respect to the existent ones. Thus was born this steel with excellent technical characteristics, such as durability and ductility, 100% recyclable, and a unique aesthetic appearance.

Through times, the corten steel has been employed in several different fields, like the realization of external artefacts. They can be realized for different purposes, which can be for example informative or just decorative, and they perfectly adapt to every open-air environment.

The word corten consists of two parts that reflect its characteristics:


CORrosion resistance


stands for high mechanical resistance (TENsile strength)

Leggio in corten traforato

How we employ corten in Remor

In Remor we employ corten steel to develop ad hoc ad completely personalized artifacts according to the customer project and we study with him the most suitable solution. We work corten steel by laser-cutting and folding it to create particular forms but also to embellish the artifact with drawings or stencil words to make it unique.

Finally, if you need to include informative or descriptive texts or graphics on the lectern or totem, we can add them through the installation of plates.
In order to offer a simple and cost-effective solution but, at the same time, without losing the proven quality and resistance, we have developed a little catalogue of lecterns “Designed by Remor”. It includes the most required formats that can at the same time be personalized with the details that make the difference.

The format of the corten steel lecterns “Design by Remor”

Our corten steel lecterns have been designed to combine aesthetics, functionality and environmental friendliness, thus giving value where they are installed.

The common features of these models are the forms and dimensions. We designed these corten steel lecterns to satisfy the majority of the requests since they can be personalized with the following plates:

  • A4 format, vertical or horizontal
  • A3 format, vertical or horizontal
  • A2 format horizontal

How to choose the best lectern?

  1. You start from the information or the graphic you need to reproduce on the name plates,
  2. you choose the plates

and that’s it! The model is chosen and ready to be realized!

How can you customize your corten steel lectern?

Once you decided the model that best suits your exigencies, it is personalization time:

Base da tassellare

Basement on pavement

If the corten steel lectern need to be installed on pavement, the basement will be a plate to be doweled into the floor.

Basement in the ground

If, instead, the lectern needs to be installed on soil, the basement will be to be buried and in this we developed a specific CLS-free solution. In this last situation it is not necessary to make concrete plinths but only the waste soil from the pit and some washed stone plates will be used as ballast.


On the lectern bust we can make stylized text and icons by laser cutting. You can send us your logo or ask us for help in developing the best graphics.

Leggii con e senza ossidazione

Oxidation acceleration

The lectern is made of raw corten steel (gray) that once installed acquires its typical rust coloring in some months. If you have a special event or grand opening, we can offer you the oxidation acceleration service so you can receive the lectern already with its final appearance.

The corten steel lecterns or totem installation in public areas is a durable and of quality choice, which represent a touch of modernity for the area where it is installed, without interfere with the surrounding.