On the occasion of the opening of the new Gardaland summer season last 1st April, Acqua Minerale San Benedetto involved us in the renewal of the advertising set-up for the promotion of its brand in the “Jungle Rapids” attraction, sponsored by the company.

It is already summer in the theme park!

Gardaland is a theme park which welcomes every year more than 3 million visitors among adults and children, and it is a real opportunity for brands that sponsor the attractions and promote themselves by the installation of specific signages.
Among these brands there is Acqua Minerale San Benedetto which, as every year, has involved us in the creation and restoration of its advertising material within the park. These materials are mainly aimed to promote its new Ecogreen bottles line and its iconic Baby Bottle.
To be more specific, we have reviewed the advertising set-up by the “Jungle Rapids” attraction that is sponsored by San Benedetto.
In order to be in line with the jungle style of the carousel, the company decided to adapt its graphics to this style. The brand presence is very important in all the stages, independently that a person is waiting or is navigating in the attraction’s large round inflatable boats.

How we have renovated the advertising set-up

To integrate the product in the attraction environment, the company chose for its signage to take the colors and textures specific of the “Jungle Rapids”.
In order to perfectly match the company requirements and the attraction style we have realized and installed several solutions:

  • We stylized the “Jungle Rapids” context and we the new 2023 bottle to it, that is now in this way in style with the attraction
  • We changed the sign structures, initially made of bamboo, creating new ones made of aluminum, a very durable material and at the same time decorated with a scenic effect painting
  • We printed all the new banners, which have been installed on the new structures by jute ropes

But this is not all! San Benedetto thought also at the baby ones with its Baby Bottle!
The company commissioned us the renovation of its photopoint, a little stage where everyone can take photos like they are the Baby Bottle’s mascots. Here there is also a man-sized reproduction of the bottle!


So, for this photopoint, we have restored the structure by giving it a new touch of freshness and we have reviewed the decorations of the panel and the bottle adapting them at the actual version.

if you want to renovate your advertising set-up!