In occasion of the new theater season, the theater Toniolo of Venice commissioned us the new set-up of its areas by the realization and installation of some new prints.
Our work consisted essentially in 3 different moments:

  1. The new set-up of the hall and of the exterior doors
  2. The upgrading of the artists’ entrance
  3. The restoration of the indoor salon windows


The theater hall, the stairs area and some corridors leading to the main hall are characterized by high walls which, when we did the inspection, were bare. To warmer these environments, we have digitally printed and then laminated some Dibond panels which represents black and white photos of some of the most important events, moments and people which have been protagonist of the theater since its founding in 1913. As in every our project, nothing is left to chance: all the screws employed in the set-up are covered by screw covers that perfectly get mixed up with the prints.
The theater had then the necessity of some spaces where to autonomously hang events’ posters. We have then thought and realized some cork notice boards, which are in line with the theater style.
Finally, the entrance has been made more vibrant thanks to the realization of colorful windows decals, with some personalized adhesive films which have been cut to perfectly adapt to the available spaces. They reproduce the main information about the theater season and are in support of some new snap-in bulletin boards where to insert events’ posters.



The artists’ entrance, a long corridor, was bare and raw. Even in this case we employed the use of the digital print to realize the set up and transform both the walls:

  • On one side we installed some dibond panels where we have reproduced the theater’s name
  • On the other side there was a storage alcove, that we have promptly closed realizing a sliding door. This is characterized by an electro-welded aluminum tubular structure, special guides for sliding doors and printed dibond ì with the theater’s logo and name as a cover.

Ingresso artisti restaurato


The main hall, where there is the stage, is characterized by some large windows which were initially covered just with an anonymous wallpaper. To decorate them, we have realized 12 dibond panels which perfectly match the window area and that represent some frescos already present in other theater environments. In this way we have uniformed the style and the set up of the building.

We sincerely thank Giorgo Bombieri, photographer and communication officer for the municipality of Venice, for the beautiful photos!