Advertising on company vehicles is a quick, cost-effective and high-impact way to increase your company’s notoriety.
The use of different kinds of advertising on companies’ vehicles like the reproduction of your logo, contacts details or of an image, it represents an efficient solution to strengthen the company’s visual presence.
Commercial vehicles’ graphics contribute to create a unified company image: it allows to increment brand awareness and enhance visibility by making the company visible to all the drivers (and others) whose see the vehicle on the road. A vehicle can travel dozens and dozens of kilometers a day, thus becoming a real touring advertising showcase.
Vehicles’ decoration is a dynamic solution to do advertising for a company since it is very easy to make and modify through years.

How to decorate the company fleet

In order to ensure the best output, we employ only adhesive films characterized by high quality and durability branded by 3M, Avery or MacTac.
The employed adhesive films can be different according to the kind of decoration and the graphic that shall be reproduced: pre-spaced films, which originate from carving films and there is a very wide range of colors to choose from printing films where to reproduce every graphic.
This allows unlimited possibilities for catching potential customers’ attention.
Vehicles’ advertising is projected to last over years but, at the same time, it can be adapted at any occurrence in a short time. If, for example, your company celebrates an important anniversary or need to change contact information, you just need to modify the affected sticker or add a new icon.
There are mainly 3 kind of vehicles decoration to choose from:

  1. Basic decoration: the purpose is mainly informative, and it is realized just with pre-spaced stickers
  2. Medium decoration, more articulated: it includes pre-spaced stickers and images or logos reproduced through digital printing.
  3. Premium customization: it consists in the complete wrapping of a vehicle. Thanks to the use of high quality film it is possible, for example, to reproduce a full height image, and almost everything you can think at. This last solution is the one which allows you to unleash your imagination.

We help you to find the best solution

In our operational HQ in Gardigiano di Scorzè (VE – Italy) we can count on an internal graphic office which allows our company to study customer’s need, find the best solution for commercial vehicles decoration, taking into consideration the exigencies of every kind of vehicle, the purpose and the required visual impact.
But that’s not all: vehicles’ decoration is not limited to commercial vehicles. It is possible to personalize every kind of vehicle: forklift, crane, platforms, trucks and anything else you use daily.
Long story short, these are the reasons why you should opt for the decoration of you company’s vehicles:

  • It is a rapid, economic and durable communication solution
  • It represents a continuous advertising, 24 hours a day, wherever you are
  • You can decorate, undecorate and redecorate as eventualities or special events or occasions
  • It can be employed for a promotional or recognizability intent
  • It reaches hundreds of people with the lowest effort
  • The high possibility of personalization excludes the risk to stay anonymous
  • If employed in the right way (and in this context our graphic office is the solution), it represents a way to establishing curiosity

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