How to set up a pre-equipped booth with personalized displays: let’s talk about an ad-hoc project which allows the continuous reuse of the elements in different occasions without loosing originality.

On the occasion of the Alto Adriatico Trade Show held in Caorle last January, we have been committed to realize the set-up of OFA Cosmetics’ exhibition area. Our work started with the design of all the display elements, like slippers’ displays and illuminated plexiglass showcases, for then producing everything and finally we set up the displays directly in the trade show site.


Graphic and technical design of displays

In the design phase we focused on creating a design characterized by simple and effective forms, with luminous details which highlight the brand and some special products. The main detail is the wooden finish realized with textured adhesive films which simulate wood from the point of view of sight and touch.


In the production phase we realized two kinds of floor-standing displays: slippers’ displays and displays with illuminated showcases to show different kinds of products.
Every display is projected and realized to last over time and, as a consequence, to be employed in other trades and events. This is mainly because of their structure:

  • They are stable and resistant because of the internal aluminum tubular structure
  • They have a LED lighting system to highlight the company’s logo and shelves where to locate the products. Every display has its own plug, making it very quick and easy to switch on!
  • The external part is realized in Dibond which allows to have a rigid surface where it is possible to realize engravings, interlocks and total customization with digital print.
  • For housing the flip-flops, we realized some invisible shaped slipper brackets in Plexiglas

The self-supporting columns completed with luminous shelves and Plexiglas boxes are realized with the same textured adhesive films which simulate wood. The coordination among all the display elements is very important! This is why also the reception table and stools have been decorated with the same custom film.

Renting a pre-equipped stand and setting it up with your own customized display elements is sometimes the best solution. Do you know why?
Once the trade show is over, you can bring all your materials back home and reuse them at the next event. You also have a benefit from an economic point of view, since you don’t pay just for a single occasion, but it represents an investment for your company, that you can amortize over time thanks to the constant use of display elements.
And even the environment will thank you because you don’t create wastes!

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