From the concept of the new retail world, to the setting up of the first pilot store, and finally the large-scale launch. 


In this article we would like to tell you about how our 2022 and the realization of the new project “Fantic Retail”. It has been an engaging and challenging year and, at the same time, a year full of satisfaction for the work done in collaboration with Fantic Motor.

It is a very important and prestigious project that has involved our company in all its steps: from the conception to the development of new retail store project, and then the execution of the stores with several deliveries.


Remor focused on the study and the development of all the display elements that make up the store’s furniture and the communication within the same store. All the work done was tested with the opening of the first pilot store: Fantic Store Treviso. Then the EICMA trade show was chosen to let people know about the project by setting-up the company’s stand with the new display elements.


First Phase: Retail Project


This project was born from the client’s need to strengthen its brand presence in physical stores, to expand the sales network and to create its own distinctive and unique display system by representing all its product categories in a coordinated manner: e-bikes, FMoser, off-road bikes, Caballero, Fantic Electric.


In the early stages of project developments, there was a strong focus on the customer in order to get to know its needs to finally realize the most suitable solutions.

In the conceptualization phase we paid attention not only on aesthetics and design aspects, but also on functionalities and costs. Furthermore, it has been an imperative to find materials, shapes and dimensions which do not overpower the several exhibited products.
In projects like this, which determine and depend on company’s long-term strategy, it has been very important to have a continuous dialogue with Fantic’s Design and to involve other company’s departments, like trade and marketing in order to align all the ideas to the project.

Given Fantic’s need to find a retail concept that could be reproduced in a variety of situations, like commercial corners, multi-brand store or even flagship store. This is why it has been essential to focus the attention on the modularity of the display elements, and on the possibility to use them in every available space.


Having defined the basics and key elements presented through renderings and 3D models, we developed the whole work up to the composition of an important Retail book. It is a document which contains all the information about how to choose, utilize and arrange the different display elements in the stores, like display units, columns for accessories, indoor and outdoor signs, and several communication elements like prints and other kinds of displays. 


Second Phase: The set-up of the Pilot Store – Fantic Store Treviso


Starting from the retail book it then comes the moment to physically realize the prototypes of every element in order to understand criticalities and to make any improvements. Once this first testing phase was completed, it was time for the final test: the set-up of the first pilot store, Treviso’s store, in the ex-Pagnossin area.


We first analyzed available spaces and, according to Fantic’s decision about which product categories to show in this store (specifically e-bikes), we organized all the different display element on a map.
Secondly, we realized all the furnishment and the communication elements for the store:

–  Wall film, to decorate and personalize the entrance wall

–  Furniture, like a desk, the checkout and its back, stools and tables

–  Displays for accessories and clothing

–  Cages and podiums of different finishing for all different kinds of e-bikes

–  Outdoor light sign in order for the clients to easily identify the store


The last phase of the set-up has been the installation of all elements.

Third Phase: the set-up of EICMA Trade Show 


On the occasion of the EICMA trade show (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori) which took place the first weekend of November 2022, Fantic chose to set-up its booth with some of the display element featured in the retail book in order to maximize the divulgation of the retail project.


What we produced for this occasion:

–  Podiums in paste colored MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and cages to display all the bicycles’ world. Decoration panels and monitor to communicate different features.

–  Ad hoc podiums with blue led flex for the identifying “Fantic Electric” category

–  Ingot podiums with a full decoration to show the big news: MOTO2 and the famous off-road by Franco Picco. Barriers to delimit the restricted area freestanding

–  Backdrops with digital printing to reproduce blow-ups and walls for hanging accessories

A very important feature of this project that deserve to be mentioned is the recovery: at the end of the trade show, all elements have been reused for the set-up of the new Fantic showroom in its HQ.
Making the exhibition set-up with durable and quality displays means to invest in a long-term strategy, since it does not represent a mere expense intended for the single event, but it allows to be used on other occasions as well.

From a sustainability point of view, we always try to project and create products which can be easily used in other occasions, giving them a long-life without creating waste in the short-term.

The year 2022 is over and we can affirm that we had a lot of fun in carrying on this prestigious project.
Today, and throughout 2023, our commitment is to take this project on a large scale!