Wood as an alternative and environmentally sustainable material for a custom-made counter display

We conceived, designed and realized a custom-made counter display for our customer, K-Flex, and during the design process, as we began to think about the most suitable materials, we asked ourselves: which of our sustainable materials could we use?

Let’s see why we choose the modern colored MDF, together with our customer.

This is an environmentally sustainable material certified FSC

Our sensibility towards sustainability is growing day by day and we try to pay attention to every detail. Offering our customers alternative and more sustainable materials to realize their displays is one of our goals to the future, and we try to accomplish it every day. If a sustainable material can give to the display the same quality and aesthetic performance of other non-recyclable materials, why not to take the most sustainable route?


MDF has excellent strength and workability

The just mentioned features allow us to create particular projects and create displays with interlocking elements.
With this interlocking system, the display travels disassembled, this reduces the logistic volumes and makes it easy to install it in shops since you don’t need specific tools or specialized personnel.
And what about sustainability? The interlocking system avoids the use of glue, double-sided adhesive and screws; it limits the number of employed materials and their coupling. When it comes to disposal, the lower the number of materials the better recyclability is.


MDF is digitally printable

Although it is a wood material, it has no limitations in terms of printing and the color rendering is excellent. Being able to use digital printing allows the reproduction of any graphic for total brand customization and highlighting.


Even the interior is colorful!

MDF is colored paste, meaning that even its interior is colored like the outer surfaces and therefore, even if it is milled or engraved, its color is never lost in the edges.


Finally, following the sustainable trend of the project, to protect the exhibits we realized a protective case in transparent PET, which in 100% recyclable.
PET has been engraved and heat-bending to obtain elements which perfectly joints with the MDF, and to obtain pockets where the customer can insert paperboards with products’ description.