Ma true Cannabis, a Swiss company which sells CBD Cannabis, launched us a challenge about the creation of its new counter display. They asked us to design and produce a counter display in bamboo, a sustainable material already employed in their packaging.


REMOR_espositore in bambooGRAPHIC DESIGN

From the first meeting with the customer, it was clear that the display had to have specific features, but the key element was the use of Bamboo as the material for the display.
After a deeply market research about the bamboo sector, we developed the graphic design thinking also about the products’ arrangements and the shape this counter display should have.
In addition to the shape structure of the display, we also thought about some peculiar communication elements that would make a difference: for examples, engraving and coloring the logo instead of traditional digital printing.



Once the design was defined and approved by the company, we set about the production of this counter display in bamboo.
The first step was to mill the bamboo slabs to obtain all different shaped elements for composing the display.
Then, all the elements were treated with linseed oil to get the same coloring as the bamboo in the product packaging – this for having perfect uniformity.
REMOR_espo bambooThe third phase was about the coloring of the company’s brand and of the thicknesses of the display.

REMOR_logo incisoFinally, the display come to life with the assembly of all the different elements.

REMOR_espositore bamboo


Did you know that bamboo is not a tree but rather a grass?
Bamboo grows with an impressive speed: it can grow up to 20 meters in height in just 4-5 years, unlike other trees which requires up to 50 years to mature, thus becoming an increasingly rare natural resource.
To be processed, bamboo is produced in slabs of different thickness, and it is highly valued for its excellent characteristics such as strength, hardness and dimensional stability.
These characteristics allow bamboo to be a very good material to be used with digital printing as it can be printed with excellent color rendering and can be easily engraved and shaped. All the bamboo we employ is certified FSC.

In short, it is a very good material which has nothing to envy to less sustainable materials like PVC or plexiglass.
If you like to know more about bamboo CLICK HERE to see our dedicated video

For more information and to create your own counter display in bamboo too, we are at your complete disposal!
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