Let’s discover about our collaboration with Volkswagen Italia for the design, construction and installation of the new signage for their green area: Oxygen Area. 


As Volkswagen Italia describes in the presentation press release, the Oxygen Area is an intensive green area of 635 square meters that includes trees, shrubs and grassland. Here there are 324 trees and shrubs which, when they reach maturity, will – together with 170 square meters of lawn – sequester 7,054 kg of CO2 and 22 kg of pollutants and produce 5,000 kg of oxygen each year.


Signage for the green area: what did we make?


  • A lighted single letter sign to identify the area. We have realized each letter which compose the text “Oxygen Area” by employing the specific Volkswagen’s font, and we used heat-hardening powder-coated aluminum sheet, opal fronts and a suitable LED lighting system. The whole sign has been installed on a specific support frame which is well integrated in its environment.
  • A lectern with a printed plaque with a descriptive text about the project
  • A one side-totem with a printed plaque to explain all the details and capacity of the shrubs planted in this green area. Both artefacts have descriptive plaques made of reverse-printed colorless polycarbonate, a material which allows for greater resistance to atmospheric agents than traditional PMMA. To add a further personalization, words “Oxygen Area” were perforated on the metal structurers.


Segnaletica area verde



Discover the artefacts we designed, produced and installed as signage for the Volkswagen green area at the Verona headquarter.



To deepen the topic, CLICK HERE to see Volkswagen’s video on their YouTube channel