Park Signage

Personalized Corten steel totem: a great solution for green areas’ signage

We design and realize totem of all shapes and sizes using metal materials, including corten steel.

Structures are realized in raw corten steel: a robust and durable material, and its appearance is perfect for green areas’ signage.

On request, we can treat the raw corten steel with the special process for accelerated oxidation.

We are also able to realize completely personalized Corten steel totem thanks to the customized design, the use of laser cutting and specific tools for welding and bending the different parts.

For total customization even at the graphic level, we combine the corten structure with polycarbonate plaques which are decorated with suitable adhesives and specially protected CMYK printing, thus allowing the graphic reproduction of any kind of subject, even photos.

In addition to polycarbonate, the decorative plaques can also be made in aluminum composite panels (DIBOND) which can always be customized graphically.

All the decorations are fixed with spacers, screw covers or simple bolts.

It is also possible to insert text, brands and icons on the structure thanks to laser cutting.

To take inspiration and see some of the typologies of the Corten steel totem we created, see our website page dedicated to the green areas’ signage.

Not only corten totems: how to meet all requirements

Corten totems are stands that can be single or double-sided and they are characterised by larger dimensions compared to, for example, lecterns,

Based on the most frequent requests, we have made two standardized totem models, which are also part of our Designed by Remor line. A smaller model and a larger one.

To complete the range of signage elements for parks and green areas, we also design and manufacture outdoor corten panels and tourist signage, in order to offer our customers the widest range of items to complete their signage needs.

Download the data sheets of our totems below!