Deployment and installation of all internal and external communication of Bucharest Amway Business Center

The professionalism of Remor was chosen by an international direct sales giant, the US Amway, for the implementation and installation of all the internal and external luminous communication of the Amway Business centre in Bucharest. In this large space of over 300 square meters, located in the heart of the Romanian capital, the two external luminous signs, the two interchangeable luminous screens, the system of luminous panels for the identification of the departments/products, the letters of the Amway logo and the panels for the mosaic composition on the walls, have been designed and installed on site.

A project in which Remor has offered all its know-how and a wide variety of materials and supports, set up directly on site without the need for any inspection. The result is an expressly designed space apt to offer a unique, modern and professional experience of the Amway world.

Amway ( is one of the world leading direct selling companies that deals with beauty products, homecare, personal hygiene and sports supplements for 50 years. The U.S. company has grown in the multi-level marketing industry, offering today jobs to 14,000 employees.